Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Get in my Buddha Belly!

Before I met The Pilot, was trying to watch what I eat but I was still trying to find that balance of fueling a body in training and losing weight. While I still haven't figured that all out, I am expanding my palate and trying new things. My food goal is to find other things I like so that I can get further and further away from the junk that is derailing my training and weight loss goals.

I am head over heels in love with Luna Burgers and would prefer them to a hot dog (which has been my favorite food since the beginning of time). And while I haven't jumped on board to be a full time vegetarian, I do my best to embrace it when The Pilot is around. I used to think that bacon made everything better but I'm now starting to think that feta cheese makes everything better. Hmmm...cheese.

We recently had a date night that started with dinner at the Northstar Cafe (and ended terribly...DO NOT go see the movie Tree of Life...don't be fooled by the fact that Brad Pitt and Sean Penn are in it. Trust me on this!). I've never actually ordered the same thing twice but I highly recommend their Northstar Burger (It's made with beets! I don't think I had ever eaten a beet before meeting The Pilot!).

I was a little veggie-burgered out so I ordered the Buddha Bowl with tofu. Again, I don't think I had ever had tofu until I met The Pilot. We don't actually make it at home but I've had it in several restaurants since meeting him. Anyways, it is pan-seared tofu (it was crispy!) served with long-grain, organic brown rice with peanut sauce and bright veggies (their term). When they brought this bowl to me, I couldn't believe how bright the veggies really were. It was really pretty! And then I put that Buddha Bowl into my belly. It was the never-ending bowl of goodness! I ate and ate and finally waved the white flag. I shoved it over to The Pilot who was finishing up his Northstar burger. He ate and ate until he to had to give in to the Buddha Bowl as well. It doesn't look that big but it just kept going!

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