Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spinning towards my happy place

So I feel like someone has been spinning me around in circles the past 2 weeks.

The Pilot's schedule has been crap (sorry, no sunshine here today!) so it's been two weeks of trying to catch just a couple hours together. It's nothing new really but with the ink still drying on the marriage certificate, it's hard to be apart so much!

So there is that but it's also heading into the busiest time for me at work. I always manage to get it all done and after the first week of October, I can breathe easy but for the next 6 weeks, it's gonna get tough.

Because of the work stuff, my schedule is out of whack. There have been some early mornings and late evenings. No more rolling in at 8 and out right at 5. I love love love my job but it's a very stressful time and being stressed in and out of the office is just a yucky mix. So what do I do to de-stress? I walk. I run. I ride my bike. I swim. Have I done much of any of these things lately? Nope. I've had to miss some of the TNT practices because of work and then there are days I'm just so darn tired mentally and physically that I just want to sit down!

To add a little more, I tend to not be able to fall asleep when my life is chaotic so I'm exhausted, which just adds to the stress. I also got some pretty craptastic news on Friday night. I may or may not share that in a future blog post. It's just a little too fresh still to talk about.

I'm also nursing an annoying injury (if you call it that). I self-diagnosed myself with sciatica a couple years ago. My leg/@$$ would hurt but only when I was laying down. But recently I've had some pain going down my leg....the hamstring. Boo. I pulled weeds on Sunday and it's been hurting ever since. Enough so that I didn't go to training last night as planned.

A co-worker is interested in running her firs 5K (Go Jessica!!) and I was working out of our headquarters today (where she works) so I offered to stay after work and run/walk with her. I figured I would be able to get through a couple miles even with an annoyed hamstring. Plus, I'm still stressing over the 2 races I have coming up next month and wanted to get some miles in! We headed out after work and she rocked out 3 miles! We did a run/walk combo and I passed along some training tips and how to build on a run/walk base to a running an entire 5K. Here's the weird thing. The hamstring felt pretty good while in motion. It was just when I stopped and was standing around that it hurt. I guess I just can't stop!! If anyone wants to diagnose me over the bloggysphere, please comment below! :)

But I'm going to take my advice from above and just not stop. I'll keep moving forward and plugging along because eventually there will be a break in the stress and The Pilot and I will get a few quiet hours together and all the work will get done and I'll cross the finish line of my races. Because that's what I do! Just keep moving! And until that moment comes, I have this to make me smile and relax....

This is place I know I can go whenever I need to just chill out. It's my new happy place.

Yes....I am still working on that wedding blog post.


  1. all the pilots I know have been working like crazy this summer, which means all the pilot wives are feeling the effects of this, for sure.

    I hope this time goes by quickly for you.

  2. I had issue with my sciatica years ago and I could not sit after a run. The pain was awful. I started doing tons of ab work to strengthen the muscle that hold the nerve.

  3. completely empathize with everything you said! stress, schedules, not falling asleep :)

    i think what i realized when my job got really crazy was to find a couple minutes anywhere I could and make myself still do even a walk and on the days I had time really crank up the intensity. Also for sleeping, I have to read a book to stop the swirling mind!