Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Month

The Pilot and I have been married a month! And the month has been an absolute blur! I'm not sure where the time went. So how did we celebrate this momentous occasion? Well....I spent the evening at the TNT alumni training. Four miles in the books for this girl! The Pilot is off flying the friendly skies (or something like that).

Our schedules are completely mismatched this week. He has a couple day trips (meaning he comes home each night) but he gets home late and then I leave early. I kissed his sleepy head before I left the house at 6:30 this morning and I know that I will probably get a kiss on my sleeping head when he gets home tonight....and then we'll do it all again tomorrow.

I did come home after my 4 miles to find this:

The kitchen cabinet is sort of our communication hub when the schedules are like this. I left him a note this morning that I fed the cats (they try to play us both to get fed twice) and that I loved him. I came home to the Happy One Month note. I also came home to a clean kitchen (dishwasher loaded!!) and the bed was made (something I NEVER do). I really did find a keeper.

We got to talk for a few minutes while he was standing in a jet way. Even though we were trying to talk over the other crew members walking by and the planes buzzing around, we agreed we were kind of sad that our schedules are like this right now. It's been a rough week and we're in for another challenging couple of weeks because of the schedules. As much as I don't ever want him to be sad, it made me feel better knowing that I'm not the only one that is bummed about the schedule right now!

I will tell you that because of the lack of time we spend together, it makes the time we are together extra special. I am genuinely excited every single time he comes through that front door. I get butterflies in my stomach on my drive home from work if I know that he will already be home. I know how nauseating that must sound and I honestly thought that feeling would wear off but after a year and a half together, I still feel that way! I think because of this weird pilot lifestyle, we've learned quickly to not take for granted the time we have together.

He's only home 13 days next month. But I do know that there are several of those days that we get to be together ALL day. And you bet we will make the most of not having to leave notes for each other, not tip-toeing around the house so we don't wake up the other and no trying to have a conversation while one of us is standing in a jet way! There is nothing better than getting to talk to each other face to face.

Yes, we spend lots of time talking...

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