Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chips Are Down Virtual Race

A blogger I follow hosted a virtual race today in honor of her 30th birthday. You just had to do a 3 mile run but to "up the ante" you could post your anticipated time on her blog. So back on July 9, I posted that I would run 3 miles in 36 minutes for the Chips Are Down Virtual Race. It meant that I couldn't walk and while it would push me, it was a realistic goal...that is until the wedding completely derailed my training (it was so worth it!). I was really worried about my lack of running over the past few weeks and wasn't sure if I had 36 minutes in me.

There were even "race bibs" for the virtual race. I picked my goal time as my "race number." This is an after photo because I'm soaked in sweat and rain.

As I was reevaluating my training schedule (and having my "oh crap" moment) on Tuesday, I shot an email to my friend Lisa to see if she was available to drag me through 3 miles. Lisa is a rock star TNT trainer and I really think she is quickly becoming one of my biggest cheerleaders! She even made the trek to cheer for me at the tri. The other thing I love about Lisa is she's usually up for anything....even pacing me (at a much slower pace than her own) in a virtual race. She responded that if I was willing to meet her at 6:15 am on Saturday, she was all in!

So bright-eyed and bushy tailed, we met up at the trail at 6:15 this morning. It was still dark but we finally had a morning with low humidity. It was almost chilly when you weren't moving! I told Lisa my goal and as soon as our Garmin's found their satellites, we were off. She told me when we started too fast and told me when I needed to pick it up or maintain (or breathe). Around mile 2 was when I really wanted to take a quick walk break and if I would have been alone, I probably would have taken that break. But Lisa said no, there wasn't time. I'm so glad that she did because I know I would have been really disappointed in myself if I had taken that break.

The clock was counting and there was still .2 mi to go. Lisa told me to pick it up. I tried but I quickly started to feel pretty sick. I started to think that even if I didn't make it to 3 miles within in goal, it wasn't going to end pretty. I know I was probably breathing like a wild animal but when the Garmin's beeped at the 3 mile point, we slowed to a walk and I looked down at my watch....


I was so excited that I made it! And that I could stop running. I still felt pretty sick but after just a couple minutes of walking, my stomach seemed to right itself.

Lisa needed to run 12 miles so after making sure I wasn't going to puke, she ran off and I followed but this time in a walk! My schedule said 9 miles but I had fallen behind so I knew I shouldn't push it too much. I went ahead and walked to the 4 mile marker and then turned around. I kept walking (at my normal walk race pace!) to the 3 mile marker and then ran for a mile. I was starting to feel tight so I walked 1/2 a mile....and then it started to rain. I HATE rain. Luckily it wasn't a steamy morning so the rain wasn't too hot and sort of felt nice. But I didn't want to be out in it any longer than I had to so I ran a mile another mile and then walked the last 1/2 mile. Eight miles in the books! It was just the workout I needed to reassure me that even though these next couple of races probably aren't going to be my fastest, I'll still make it!

It was a great morning in general. Since we started so early, it was nice and quiet out on the trail. At that hour, the people out on the trail are obviously training for something and not just out for a morning stroll.

Sun coming up over the soy beans and corn!

There were some triathletes doing bricks and a couple other runners....and then there were the cyclists. When we started the run, we noticed that the stadium lights were on at the nearby high school stadium. We commented that was strange but on my way back to the car I realized what was going on.

As I turned around, I noticed a large pack of cyclists. I didn't think much of it because next weekend is Pelotonia, a local charity bike ride that has grown exponentially in popularity. Several friends are doing it and everyone has been training (distances include 25, 43, 102 and 180 mile rides) so there have been a lot of cyclists out on the trails the last month or so. Anyways, I just figured it was a Pelotonia team until I saw another large group of 30+ cyclists come flying by. And then another. And another. As I got closer to the trail head, I noticed a sign directing the cyclists. It was the Pedal with Pete ride! I have heard about it but didn't realize it was today. When I got back to the trail head, I saw one of the flyers:

So it was a fun morning. I beat my goal, got in a great workout and got to spend the morning with friends! I knew one of the passing cyclists (a former TNT coach!), who yelled out a "GO TEAM" (I love some cheap advertising from my TNT jerseys). When I got back to the trail head, I realized that it wouldn't be too much longer until Lisa would be back so I decided to wait for her. While waiting, I ran into another TNT alum/former trainer and current participant, Lisa G. The Lisa I was waiting for returned just as IronAndy rode by. I told you I'm surrounded by fitness animals!

And I can't thank Lisa enough for pushing me towards my goal. I really think I would have come up short if she wouldn't have been there! THANK YOU LISA!!

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  1. yeahhhh for friends and virtual races that push us!! i love your bib! thanks for joining me for this little silly celebration!