Wednesday, August 3, 2011

But I did find what I was looking for...

Back in the fall, we heard that U2 was going to be in Pittsburgh (about 4 hours from home). There are a few bands on my bucket list and U2 has always been one of them. The Pilot and I talked about it but it was a week night so we'd both have to take nearly 2 full days off work to make the trip. Plus, the tickets weren't cheap. We decided not to go. I was training for the Goofy Challenge at the time and I spent some time in the basement on my bike trainer as cross training. To make it a little more bearable, The Pilot let me watch a DVD he has from U2's Vertigo tour. I even comment at one point that I was kind of bummed that we weren't going to the show. The Pilot just smiled and nodded.

For Christmas though, The Pilot surprised me with tickets to the show. I nearly tackled him in excitement. The best part of the gift though? The Pilot had already requested vacation time to guarantee that he would be in town to go to the concert. He has to take a full week of vacation at a time so not only would we get to go to the concert, but I'd have my Pilot home for an entire week! It didn't matter that the show was 7 months away, I was so pumped!

The concert was the whole reason we picked July 30 as our wedding day. We got engaged 2 weeks after Christmas and started talking about when we should get married. I have always wanted a fall wedding. Getting married in the fall in Columbus, Ohio is next to impossible, especially if your family are OSU football fans. I really don't care about football (or most sports for that matter) but there was only one off week in the 2011 football schedule and that meant competition for reception venues would be crazy for that one free Saturday in the entire football season. I also really wanted my mom, brother and grandma to be in attendance at my wedding and I'm pretty sure they would have bailed on me and watched the game instead if we got married on a football Saturday. Yes, it is insane. Moving on...

So even though it was only a few months away, we realized that The Pilot would be home the weekend of July 30 because he would have the entire week off for the concert. As a professional event planner, I was confident that I could pull off the wedding in the time frame so we marked down July 30 as the wedding day. I went ahead and took the week off as well and The Pilot and I got to enjoy a "pre-honeymoon" before the wedding. Spending consecutive days together is a luxury in our relationship so it was wonderful! I also worked my tail off (as did my family) to make sure all of the wedding plans were in place BEFORE the concert on July 26. I wanted to make sure that The Pilot and I could relax and enjoy our week together. And we did!

Here are some of the pictures/video from the show:

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