Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The Pilot is on his way home after 5 days straight of working. Now I know that the majority of the working force works 5 days a week (myself included) but for a pilot, 5 days in a row is A LOT of flying. I am anxiously waiting for him to get home but I know he's going to be one tired pilot.

So what better way to bond after 5 exhausting days apart? Do a 5k of course! Once we got The Pilot's August schedule, we signed up for a local 5k that benefits the Capital Area Humane Society. We did the race together last year (I actually got a PR!) and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's race.

The Humane Society here is incredible!! All of my kitties have come from there, including our two fur-kids, DC and Figment. Instead of giving wedding favors to our wedding guests last month we donated to the Humane Society (and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of course!). Both charities mean so much to us but because of our fur-kids from the Humane Society, we get hours of entertainment from them!

We even made it official last week. I kept telling the kitties they were getting a new daddy, so when The Pilot and I took DC for his annual check up last week, The Pilot officially adopted the fur-kids (Yes, The Pilot and I went together. Hey, when your brand new hubby has only been home for 8 out of the 18 days you've been married, you tend to want to spend ALL of your time together!). We changed the last name on their charts. The best part was that the vet seemed even more excited than we were! He was so happy for us...and he loves that our fat cat DC seems to be getting more exercise because of The Pilot. Everyone wins!

I have to admit though, The Pilot kinda ruined my game. The vet is HOT. I know others that take their pets to him and we started referring to him as Hot original but McDreamy was already taken. I always enjoyed taking the fur-kids to visit the Hot Vet. Never mind the fact that the vet is married and has a house full of kids and animals. He is nice to look at. Don't worry, The Pilot knew all about this. I told him that it was game over for me and my wingman, DC. :)



Photos courtesy of this girl....who was also my matron of honor! Love her!

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