Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Pilot Wives Club-The Honeymoon

Disclaimer: Don't worry my bloggy friends, a full wedding recap will be on its way, along with photos but just like the race reports, that will take time. :)

So I'm officially part of the unofficial pilot wives club. It's not easy sharing your life with a pilot and it's hard for people on the outside to understand. Luckily I have already found a ton of support in the bloggy world. Just knowing there are other pilot wives out there going through similar experiences makes it just a little easier to deal with some of the challenges that come with the lifestyle.

And I know when I tell this story that I will no doubt receive comments/emails or at least some grins and head nods...

On Sunday evening, just over 24 hours after we were married (and on The Pilot's VACATION day), he got a call from crew scheduling. Naturally he didn't answer but checked his voice mail soon after...was he interested in working? Ummm....NO! And if this brand new Pilot's wife had any say about it, I would have called back and given them a piece of my mind. How dare they interrupt our wedded bliss! can they really call you when it's still your vacation day?? I understand calling your on a regular day off but a vacation day?? The Pilot reminded me that while yes, it's annoying, crew scheduling was just doing their job and it would be "barking up the wrong tree" for me to call and give them that piece of my mind. Ok, honey. (Pilot, you will, on most occasions, be the more rational one in this relationship.)

On Monday morning (my last vacation day and just a regular day off for The Pilot) at 4:30 AM (as in, still dark, not even the cats or the birds are awake), The Pilot's phone rings. Being exhausted from the wedding festivities, we both nearly jumped out of our skin. When the phone rings that late at night, it's never good and my mind instantly panicked. But no need to panic! It was just crew scheduling AGAIN wanting to know if The Pilot was interested in working. Seriously? I wanted to climb through the phone.

But, this is what I signed up for. Sure, I'm still learning the ins and outs of the airline industry but I'm constantly surprised when I learn something new. Despite the uncertainty and constant change, I don't care. I love my pilot so it's all worth it...however, I wasn't quite prepared for the airline industry to intrude on our 2-day stay-at-home honeymoon. We aren't taking a honeymoon until early next year for several reasons but the primary reason is that vacation time is extremely hard to come by for The Pilot and we just couldn't swing it. So it was back to work for me today. The Pilot is home for a couple more days, which I am very thankful about but I won't lie, it does tug at me a little to have to explain over and over again to people that we aren't taking a honeymoon right away. I know I'm not the only pilot wife with a story like that....and I find comfort in that....and in the fact that The Pilot IS home for a couple more days...and no, he does not want to work on these next couple of days.


  1. Oh crew scheduling how I .loathe thee.... with a Passion... how I feel your pain!

  2. Congrats and wlecome to the club! Hope you'll shar esome pictures with us :)