Monday, May 7, 2012

Easily Distracted

My tri team had a group ride over the weekend and I discovered just how easily I am distracted.  I spent much of the ride out with the coach but when I was scheduled to turn around (we were riding for time rather than distance), I was on my own for the ride back.  Mother nature finally decided to give us a break and I wasn't fighting crazy wind or other esteem-crushing factors.  I was actually having a really decent ride when I turned back.  And because I was alone for the trip back, I found myself all kinds of distracted.

Normally when I'm training for a foot race, I kind of zone out (when on a trail closed to traffic).  I also train on the same trails for the most part so I could probably tell you every bump, turn and oddity on the local trails.  Being on the roads on a bike is a whole different experience.  I travel roads I don't typically drive on (trying to avoid traffic) and see things I don't normally see.  And so when making my trip back yesterday, I couldn't help but notice all of my surroundings.

Wide open spaces and farm country!  I love that you can find this just a couple miles outside of suburbia.

Don't judge my photo taking skills.  I'm trying to operate a cell phone camera while riding a bike....and I wonder why I'm slow.  (Taken on a pretty much deserted road. I don't think any cars passed me on this particular stretch.)

Miles and miles of road ahead!

Lots of open road, farms, farm animals, a rock quarry, some road kill, other cyclists and LOTS of blue sky were what filled my ride back.  And I don't even care that I'm slow because I got the chance to calm my mind down and enjoy the morning.  Plus, my average speed for this 15.5 mile ride was 13.5 mph which was faster than last week so that was encouraging.  I might not finish dead last in my upcoming triathlon.  Or I might still but that's ok.

Something else that amused me while I was out on the ride was that like the marathon community, the cycling community is very friendly.  When a "gang" of cyclists passed me going the opposite direction at one point, I did a half wave while still holding onto my handles and they all did the same in return.  Sort of like bikers or Cadillac drivers do.  Know what I'm talking about?  Anyways, I was amused.  

Know what I was NOT amused by?  The damn drivers who don't give ANY space for cyclists.  Especially on a near-deserted road with plenty of space to swing wide.  Even if technically they give enough space (ie: not going to actually hit you), the wind that they create is enough to make you wobble sometimes.  Or at the very least, scare the bejeezes out of you.  Share the road people! 

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  1. Please don't get distracted ont he bike! Yeah, I hate teh drivers that don't nudge even a little....