Friday, May 11, 2012

Look! A rainbow!

Remember Tim?  You know, the guy who *forced* me to climb all those hills in spinning class awhile back.  Now that the weather is getting more consistently "spring-like,"  I was finally able to join him for an outdoor ride.  He very generously met me after work on Wednesday for a 20 mile ride. 

He gave me some great tips for working on building my speed as well as how to not fall off the bike or throw up while attempting to climb a hill.  You know, the important things.  This dude has also ridden a bike across the in the entire United States so I don't think he's making this stuff up. 

I did my best to hide my very short attention span and didn't shout out every time we rode past some cows or horses.  I couldn't contain myself though when I blurted out, "look at that rainbow!"  There was a storm way off in the distance and there was this HUGE rainbow coming out of the bottom.  It was the widest rainbow I've ever seen.  ( that the appropriate use of that phrase, SUAR??)  I told him that I am torn by wanting to get faster on the bike but I also feel like because I'm slow, I tend to notice the little things.  You know, taking the time to smell the flowers.  At least I didn't start carrying on and on about the rainbow like this dude.

Anyways, it was a great ride and great conversation.  Bonus, there was a tailwind for part of the ride back and I felt like I was flying.  That tailwind however brought one little random rain cloud.  The sun was shining all around but this one cloud decided to unload on us.  With maybe a mile or two left, the rain was coming down.  It was also probably around 60 degrees or less and that rain was COLD.  Like teeth chattering cold.  By the time we made it back to his house, the rain cloud moved along.  We did miss some hail though.  Despite being so close to his house, we somehow missed the small hail that fell at his house.

See the white stuff in my awesome cell phone photo?  That's the hail in Tim's flower bed.  I'm sooo thankful that that wasn't pelting us during the ride.  

Bonus lesson?  Learning to ride in the rain.  I've ridden in a few sprinkles before and I got caught in a sudden storm once but I took shelter at a gas station until my mom could pick me up.  So that was my first experience in real rain.  I admitted I was nervous to Tim but he led me safely back.  I won't lie though, my shoulders were sore when I got off the bike.  I had a death grip on that bike during the rain!  But all was well and it was a great ride.  Thanks Tim!


  1. I'm not the slowest person on the bike (but I'm not the fastest either) and I still notice things. Like the 2 random gloves on the road all summer, the red chairs in an open window in a bar....but I was in total disbelief when my heads down and ride BF didn't notice the trapeez artists practicing in their huge trapeez aparatus along the side of the road. I get not stopping to take pictures of the pretty flowers but how can you miss people flying through the air???

  2. We did a 54 mile bike race one year and it hailed and rained on us the whole time. It was miserable! I think my hands were frozen to my handle bars when we were done.. ugh, NOT fun!

  3. LOL, I love to talk on the bike