Friday, May 18, 2012

What Not To Wear: Episode 4

The saga continues!  In episode 2, I shared my very unfortunate sports bra injury.  I'm glad I shared my embarrassing problem with the internets though because I got some really great suggestions!  Several people suggested I try either Moving Comfort or Title Nine.  I've actually had Moving Comfort sports bras in the past that worked really well but they can be a little pricey and after losing weight, the bra no longer fit.  That's when my current sports bra started to be loved to death.

I received a couple recommendations for Moving Comfort's Juno so I ordered the "sale color" (which was a very pretty blue by the way) and within days it was delivered to my office (yet another delivery I couldn't try on for my co-workers).  I swear this thing must be made of Kevlar.  You could stop a bullet or possibly an elbow (like I received during my epic 1/2 marathon PR adventure).  It was also a b---- to get on.  I had some advice from a fellow runner on how to get that contraption on and off but it was still a challenge.

Instant fail.  It was uncomfortable as soon as I put it on.  While it "fit," it just didn't fit my shape.  It came up too high on the side and was digging into what I refer to as the "chicken wing."  I tried adjusting it but it just wasn't comfortable.  I didn't even want to leave it on to wear around the house let alone a long, sweaty training run.

I contacted Moving Comfort about an exchange and they were very nice and prompt.  I returned the Juno and ordered the Fiona instead.  My previous Moving Comfort was the Fiona and I liked it at the time but I was strictly race walking then.  Now I need my sports bras to work for race walking, running, shuffling, and possibly triathlon-ing (my blog, I can make up words).

Once I received the Fiona, I tried it on and was instantly comfortable.  No weird pinching of the chicken wing.  It's definitely not as structured as the Juno so I was hoping that it would still work for me while running.  I was able to take Fiona out for a quick spin last night and...
I was so excited that during my 30 minute run, I had no issues.  That's not to say that it will work for long distance or on really hot, sweaty days or those sweatfests at the gym but so far, it looks promising.  Hopefully that means I can order a few more Fionas and put my poor Champion out of its misery.  It has at least one more challenge though.  This weekend is the Cleveland Marathon and I'm coaching with Team in Training.  What's a few more miles on the poor old thing?  Now that I have most likely over-shared with all of you, I'm off to the races!


  1. I love it when companies are easy to work with like that. Yay for finding an awesome bra!

  2. glad you found the right bra, what a difference it makes!!! (unless you are like me and have no chest and so any bra will do :)