Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sweaty 16

I finally got back out on the bike last night.  After several high stress days, I was in desperate need of a workout.  Sometimes you just need to sweat it all out, know what I mean?  Or cry it out.  Depends on the situation.

It was HOT when I got going at about 5 pm.  I coated myself in sunscreen and hit the road.  I only had one water bottle (because I could only fine one bottle....moving SUCKS!) and only 5 minutes into my ride I just knew I was going to guzzle it all down.  I almost got a refill on my way back but I would have had to venture off the trail into a park and I didn't feel like adding time to my ride.  I had things to do!  I rationed the water on the way back, drinking the very last drop while waiting at the last traffic light.

I rolled back into my parents' driveway (aka bike storage during this evil move) finishing up 16 miles.  The best part of the ride?  I ended the ride with a 14 mph average pace!  I seriously got passed by an only lady on a rusty mountain bike but this was my fastest ride of the season.  Considering that my legs are still a little dead from coaching the Cleveland Marathon on Sunday (race report is in the works), I was really pleased.  I did have the weather on my side. 

Worst part of the ride?  When I finished my ride, I was covered in gnats.  Between the sweat and sunscreen, my knees, shins and arms were covered.  There may have been some stuck to my face too but I wiped off before I stopped inside to say goodbye to the parents.  Yuck.  That's all part of the experience I suppose.

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