Monday, July 2, 2012


So we had some crazy weather around these parts over the weekend.  I got caught in one heck of a storm on Friday night.  During my commute home from work on Friday night, I was just a few miles from home when it was as if someone turned the lights off.  It got so dark, so quickly!  I made a left turn and was heading west when all of the sudden the wind came out of nowhere and then there was this giant dust cloud that came right at me and seemed to swallow my car.  It was the strangest, scariest thing I've ever seen.  It was this big ball of dust but then as quickly as it approached, that big cloud was filled with trees.  Giant tree limbs and branches were flying all over the place!  I wasn't in a place that was safe to pull over and with only about 2 miles left to get home, I decided to head for home and hope a tree branch didn't come through the car.

I made it home safely but then The Pilot and I sat in the house and watched our (new to us) trees and crossed out fingers and toes that they would stay upright and out of the inside of our house.  We've been meaning to call someone to give us a quote to trim/take out some of the trees that are hanging over the house.  I think we might be in a little more of a hurry to get that taken care of! 

We came through the storm in pretty good shape.  There were sticks and leaves all over the yard but no damage.  We also seem to be in a very small pocket of town that still has power.  Even several days after the storm, there are over 200,000 people in the area without power.  And naturally it has been unseasonably warm and in the high 90s.  I can't think of much worse than not having AC during heat like this.  I'm a heat weenie but this is BAD!  I've offered up our house in case anyone needs a break from the heat.  I would certainly hope my friends would do the same for me....especially since they all know I'm a heat weenie.

We had a group training on Sunday morning and with no storms in sight and an early morning start, we decided to brave the heat.  It was already in the 70s with obscene humidity at 8 am but we stuck it out.    There was at least one detour as there was a giant tree down across the path (with power lines under the tree!) but I got in about 6.5 miles.  I was soaked after about .25 mi and I won't even begin to describe what I looked and felt like after 6.5 miles.  Ugh. 

I saw this on my way home after training.
That is a giant tree on top of a building.  Seeing so many big, old trees like that makes me sad.  So did seeing all of the food coolers at Target with yellow tape all over them.  They had to throw away all of the food.  It's been an expensive weekend for a lot of people but so far it seems like everyone is and sweaty, but safe.

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