Friday, July 20, 2012

Splits Don't Lie

Want to get faster?  Walk, run, cycle, etc with people who are faster than you.  The teacher has become the student.  Last night I tried desperately to keep up with two of TNT's amazing alumni.  They are so fast.  I like to think that I taught them everything I know but they are just natural race walkers.  I faded away pretty quickly but they came back for me and paced me through 4+ miles.  I think they have jumped onto my race walk PR mission.

The splits don't lie.  I started too fast, ended up with shin splints for mile two but then finally found a groove.  I was pushing with all I had considering the 100% humidity.  I thought my face was melting off.  It was so hot again.  But once again, popsicles awaited our finish and all was right in the world.

 Seriously, this heat has got to let up.  Probably not going to happen since August seems to always be the hottest month around here but a marathoner can dream.  I cannot wait for fall/winter training.

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