Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Surface of the Sun

So much for the weather easing up.  There was another heat advisory today which is usually the clue for this asthmatic to stay inside.  But I had made plans to run with a friend at a TNT alumni training.  That and I'm going a little stir crazy from being cooped up inside so much lately.  Seriously though, this heat has GOT to GO!  I am a winter girl at heart.  If only I could have the long days (daylight after work!!) during the winter season when it's cold out!

I showed up though and slogged my way through a 4 mile run/walk.  Really the only reason I needed the walk breaks was to cool down.  My legs held up fine considering I had the race on Saturday and did an 8 mile walk with my current TNT participants on Sunday.  While the legs were feeling fine, it felt like my face was laying on the surface of the sun.  I seriously thought my head my spontaneously combust.  I asked Laine, my run buddy, to grab my emergency tag on my shoe and call my mom if that happened (no, The Pilot isn't my emergency contact.  Not much he can do when he's 1000 miles away from where my head is on fire.).

Holy fast first mile!  Fast as in faster than my 1/2 marathon PR pace fast.  Maybe too can see right where that walk break took place!  :)  Overall though it was a good average pace for me plus it was wonderful to have a buddy!

With less than a mile to go, as we were slogging up a hill, Laine reminded me that there were popsicles at the end.  YES!  One of our rock star alumni brings popsicles on Tusday nights.  That was EXACTLY what I needed.  If it wouldn't have been so disgusting to do in public, I probably would have shoved the ice pack down my shirt.  But I like these people and I don't want to scare them.

These are some tough women.  They don't let heat advisories keep them from their workout!  Just don't mess with their popsicles!

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