Friday, July 13, 2012

Back on the Wagon

You may have noticed a lack of workout related posts lately.  I haven't exactly fallen off the wagon.  I like to think that I have been shoved off the wagon by that B-, mother nature.  What is up with 100+ degrees in Central Ohio?  That just doesn't happen here.  Hell, even 90 degree days don't usually come until August.  There have been heat advisories more days than not.  They were telling people with breathing troubles (me) to stay inside.  So I did that.  TNT has cancelled multiple group trainings lately as well.  I don't keep a gym membership during the summer months so I haven't even had access to a treadmill (anyone wanting to let me borrow one, I'll take it.  I probably won't return it though.  Ever.).

We have had a *slight* break in the weather with some cooler temperatures sneaking back into the forecast.  And by cooler I mean it's now down to 90 during the day.   I finally dragged my lazy self to a TNT practice last night and I'm so glad I went.  Earlier this week two little birds (Kim and Marcia!!!!) reminded me that I declared a 1/2 marathon "A" race on the blog.  And they reminded me that it's only 2 months away.  Crap.  I don't even know what kind of pace I'm working with right now so I used last night as my baseline. (Remember I'm chasing a race walk PR, not a running PR).) It was in deed 90 degrees but I pushed hard anyways.

I did just over 4 miles but you can see from the splits that my Garmin died at 3.37 miles.  I think Garmin needs to invent a car charger for their watches.  That sucker could have be charging while I sat in traffic for 40 minutes on the way to training.  But back to the workout.  Check out the negative splits!  I'm fairly certain mile 4 ended up being faster than 14:16 so I was on fire.  Literally, I was on fire.  I was SOOOO hot.  Give me 30 degrees and a light snow fall and I'm a happy marathoner.  Other than the heat, the 4+ miles felt pretty good.  My legs are definitely feeling the pace today but it all feels good to be back in action.

Back to that A race.  I'm wanting to PR.  I need under 3:14 which is somewhere around a 14:45 mile.  Yowzas.  That's faster than last night's workout for sure.  And then there is Marcia and Kim in my ear telling me I can break 3 hours if I just stick with Marcia (she's agreed to be my "pacer.").  Ummm....that's somewhere around a 13:35 mile.  Crazy town.  If mother nature will start cooperating, I will just have to see what I can do.

Until then though, I'm doing a 5K (that evil short distance) with a co-worker tomorrow.  Her goal is to run the entire thing and I told her I'd do it with her.  I haven't necessarily told her though that the last time I ran was during the triathlon and I'm not even sure that counts as running.  Fun times!

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  1. your coworker reads your blog, you evil woman. so excited for tomorrow!