Saturday, February 9, 2013

2nd Annual Run for Sherry

Last year I did an uneventful 30 minute treadmill workout in a hotel gym.  But it was so much bigger than just a workout.  It was the first annual virtual Run for Sherry.  Sherry Arnold was a runner from Montana who went for a run but never came home.

Sherry was the cousin of Beth over at Shut Up and Run and Beth has been instrumental in creating this virtual run, keeping it alive another year and not letting the memory of her cousin fade.  While I didn't know Sherry and I don't know Beth, the least I can do is get in a workout in Sherry's memory.

Athletes of all kinds should always look out for each other (and really, everyone should be looking out for those around them).  I am so thankful that I almost never have to do a workout alone.  And today was no different.

We all ran and walked for Sherry.  20 degree weather couldn't stop us!

                                                       Even The Pilot tagged along!

On a side note, today was my first workout since the 1/2 marathon.  As I finish up my first trimester, my energy is slowly but surely returning.  And I'm so thankful because I was starting to go a little stir crazy from all the couch surfing.

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  1. Yeah Amber!! I'm so bummed I missed the group run, but you guys look awesome. :)