Monday, February 18, 2013

That place is evil...and wonderful.

I have a new belief that Ikea is the Swedish version of Target.  You go in looking for one thing and then this happens:

The Pilot and I made the 2 hour trek to Ikea yesterday looking for a dresser for the nursery.  We ended up filling the back end of my Honda Fit.  The car didn't get the memo that it's not a pick up truck.  The car will hold all kinds of have to worry about popping the lawn mower tires on it before worrying about filling up the back end.

I wish I could say those were all parts to a dresser but they are not.  There IS a dresser in that mess but there is also a sofa table, a shoe cabinet, a plant stand, some storage bins, new cushions for an older Ikea chair I already owned, a new foot stool for that chair (there is some drama with that to share later!), a random baby item (pictures to come later), a plastic shopping bag holder (which we now refer to as the Italian Poop Bag Basket...anyone who has pets will get this) and probably something else I'm forgetting.  Oh, and we got a free lunch because we spent so much money.

No buyers remorse today (except for maybe the drama filled foot stool) which is good.  We were wanting all of these items (ok, except for maybe the shoe cabinet and plant stand)...maybe not all of them RIGHT NOW but Ikea makes you feel like you HAVE to have this stuff.  It's like the Disney World of home furnishings and we were certainly drinking the Kool-aid.

To make our Sunday even more romantic, once we got home and I started some laundry, we broke out the allen wrenches and started putting together our Swedish furniture...while watching a documentary on labor and delivery/prenatal care in the US.  We know how to party.


  1. Yay! I'm so excited for you Amber! I can't believe you still made it through the half marathon. Really impressive.

    Running from the couch to the bathroom with morning sickness was about as fast as I moved.

    Have fun setting up your nursery and savor having a quiet night at home while you can!

  2. Love Ikea!!! And I always come home with a truckload of stuff!! But everything is so cool and useful!!! And just wait till you bring the little one there.....they have nursing rooms, and the backs of the doors in the restrooms have baby seats...Swedish GENIUS!!! Oh, and the restaurant is perfectly placed in your trek through the store!

  3. I'm going with more evil than wonderful. Feeling kind of sick about the whole thing the day after. So embarrassing . . . the loss of willpower. . . . feeling like you've sold your soul to the devil. . . and enjoying it the process. . . . At least we didn't do what everyone else seemed to be doing - bringing parents, second cousins, the neighbor's kids, and the bum from the street corner and swarming on the place like drunk locusts. For that reason we both agreed that we will not be bringing our child to Ikea. Ever.

  4. What was the name of the shoe cabinet you got? My husband and I's shoes are strewn all over the place in our house and we need something to fix that.