Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Was Hangry

I was so hungry I could have eaten a pizza out of the back of a truck...

Something I've noticed since finding myself "with alien," is that when I'm hungry, I am HUNGRY.  Like if I don't eat RIGHT NOW, someone might lose a finger.

During my commute home from work recently, I was hungry.  Borderline hangry.  I already had a random craving for pizza when I got stopped at a train about 2 miles from home.  A looooong train.  And I was right behind a catering truck.  With a picture of a pizza on the back of it.  If that train would have been one car longer, I would have been knocking on the driver's window demanding some pizza from the back of his truck.

Don't worry.  My rational side kept me safely buckled into my car and I made it home and took my h-anger out on my poor husband.  Lucky him.


  1. Funny! My wife used to get like that when we were expecting. There were times when we would be reading or watching the tube, and she'd say, "I think I need Ben & Jerry's" Which... I came to find out... meant that if I wasn’t off the couch, and on my way to the store in 30 seconds… phoning her to find out what flavor… my life was about to become not so good. ;)

  2. That's hilarious. At first I was like "hangry", hmmm, that's what I hear at Wal Mart (since I live in the south) but then I clicked the link and learned something new! I get hangry after I swim. I feel like driving to the nearest gas station and eating all their beef jerky!