Monday, February 4, 2013


So yesterday I mentioned I had a theory as to why my wheels fell off during the Disney 1/2 marathon a couple weekends ago.  I blame the fact I hit the wall and that my hips hurt during the race on something called relaxin.  It's actually a hormone that causes your joints to stretch....and hurt.  Why would a woman's body produce relaxin?  When it's pregnant and preparing the body for childbirth.

The proverbial beans have been spilled.  The Pilot and I are expecting a baby.  I ran/walked/shuffled/cried my way through the 1/2 marathon with a stowaway.  I was 9 weeks pregnant during the race.

I wish I could say that bump was a baby but in reality it's more likely post-race puffiness from retaining water and slugging my way through a really humid race.

I trained like a beast but the first trimester fatigue hit me like a truck the week before the race.  And it still continues.  Luckily the nausea I experienced was always in the afternoon/evenings so that wasn't much of a factor during the race.  My Goofy Girls knew I was pregnant and I'm fairly certain that was their primary reason for sticking with me throughout the race when they could have easily finished a lot earlier had they taken the out that I gave them.  I had told my mom not to worry about me during the race because I'd have a doctor with me.  Never mind that Mary is actually a dentist.  Still, I did feel a lot better having two crazy strong women with me who have four kids between them and also are the best cheerleaders anyone could ever ask for.  When I wanted to quit, they propped me up and kept me moving forward.

So that's the scoop!  I'm now a little over 12 weeks pregnant and looking forward to getting some of  my energy back in the 2nd trimester so I can resume my workouts (even if modified).  I've spent A LOT of time on the couch the last couple weeks.  Creating a new human is no joke!  I am starting to feel a little stir crazy though.  At the very least I hope to have some more energy to at least LOOK at the treadmill in the basement.  Recently, the thought of even walking down the basement stairs has been exhausting.

Our little human is due in mid-August.  The first thing I thought when we found out the due's gonna be one HOT summer!  The Pilot and I are super excited.  And terrified.  But that's all part of the experience I hear.  Our families and friends are over the moon excited.  Especially those who knew me before I met The Pilot.  I was pretty sure I didn't want kids so they are pumped!  Darn that amazing man for doing this to me!

I'm sure this blog will take a slight baby turn but ultimately, I am still a Gym Class Dropout who plans to do her best to keep active and fit while growing a new human.  And I'm sure there will be some (mis)adventures to share along the way as my marathon waddle turns even slower and more into a weeble. 


  1. AHHHHH! Congratulations! :-) So very exciting, and best wishes for a smooth pregnancy!

  2. Super excited for you....can't wait to follow along as you grow your human (as you say) and stay active!

  3. aww! Congrats! I thought that's what it was yesterday when you would tell us today!

  4. Mom, don't worry, I will have the best teeth in the marathon. Did your mom know the doctor was not an MD but a dentist?

  5. Ahhhh!!! Somehow I missed this post and was frantically scrolling through your more recent one for more info after you said "with alien" (LOL)! Congratulations Amber!! I'm psyched for you guys. Pregnancy is rough at times, but I think it's worth it. Can't wait to hear more about it!

  6. Congrsts Amber tbat is so exciting!! It is auch an amazing experience and worth every minite and every sacrifice!

  7. I just recently found your blog and want to say congrats! I'm due June 4th and know exactly what you are going through. Yes, the second trimester is a million times better! :) Can't wait to follow your journey!