Friday, March 15, 2013

I Feel Like I'm in a Snow Globe!

Days in advance, Lisa and I had planned to meet up for a short and slow run/shuffle/walk.  As the day approached, Lisa and I both had stress levels through the roof and by the day we were scheduled to meet, that workout was not a luxury but a necessity.  The anticipation of that workout was what got me through my day.

So the fact that it was about 27 degrees, snowing and windy was not a deterent.  In fact, I gave Lisa's husband some hell because he was running inside on the treadmill when I arrived (this is one active family!).  Weenie!  Lisa and I bundled up and headed out the door.

We did at least a .75 mi walking warm up...though there was no real warming up when it looks and feels like you are inside of a snow globe.  After that we did a run/walk combo for 4 glorious miles.  We vented to each other while getting in some exercise.  Physically and mentally good for us!

That is the also the most I've run since Lisa and Mary dragged me through the Disney 1/2 Marathon in January.  And it felt great.  I've already lost a lot of my running fitness and with my growing belly, I get winded a lot more quickly.  But whenever I felt I was getting too winded, we would walk to rest and then start again.  It was slow going but that was ok.  I think we needed more time just to vent rather than to get a faster workout in.  We probably would have gone another mile if it wasn't for my full bladder or the fact that it was getting colder and dark.

I look forward to more workouts that are just as good for the soul as they are for the body! In fact, I have another one scheduled for tomorrow morning with another wonderful friend, Marcia. 

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