Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Week 18

 Week 18

How far Along? 18 weeks
Maternity Clothes? Oh yeah.  I even got a lesson this week from my mama on how to sew a hem.  Not sure how I made it 32 years without picking up this skill.  I also learned that a suck at hand sewing and it's much faster to have my mom do it.  :)  Thanks mama.  Now I have black maternity pants to wear to work.
Have you started to show yet?  It's definitely looking like I ate something larger than a sandwich.  I'm probably in that stage where strangers wouldn't dare ask (or would they?) if I was pregnant for fear that it's possible that I've just had a few too many....sandwiches.
Symptoms:  Is road rage a symptom?  Maybe I'm just more protective of myself now that I'm growing a little human but dang.  It seems like every day I drive somewhere, I am surrounded by morons.  Over the weekend, someone completely breezed through a roundabout even though I was already IN the roundabout and had the right away.  Only reason I didn't plow into her?  Because NO ONE in this town knows how to drive in a roundabout (it's 'Merica, not Europe!) so I'm always watching the side streets for morons like this lady.  Seriously though, it's not difficult to figure out a 2-lane roundabout.  Moving back still hurts.  No other new symptoms.
Activity:   I had my most active week since the 1/2 marathon!  There was Pilates, yoga, a 4 mile run/walk and then another 4 mile walk.  Yeay!
Best moment this week?  We went to the doctor and got to hear the heartbeat.  It's amazing how different it sounds just compared to a month ago.  A month ago the doctor had to tell me that the whirling sound I was hearing was the baby's heart.  This month?  It was obvious!  It was loud, fast and strong!  Swoon.  Another bonus?  The Pilot was home and was able to make it.  Even better?  We confirmed that The Pilot will be home for the ultrasound.  :)
Miss anything?  My memory.  Holy moly pregnancy brain is no joke.  I forget where I leave things a lot more often.  I also tend to ask questions only to not remember the answer and ask the question again.  My co-workers must love me lately.  Also, I sort of miss my hair.  I'm still getting used to feeling "naked" since the big hair cut.  :)
Movement:  Just  few random flutters...that may or may not be the baby.  No jabs just yet.
Food cravings:  I had a hankerin' for a tuna and egg salad sandwich this week.  Only problem?  I had never hard boiled an egg before.  Never really had a reason too since previously, eggs were not on my list of favorite foods.  So after consulting the "Joy of Cooking" (a wedding gift!!) and a phone call to my buddy Lisa, I was in business.  I had 4 perfectly (at least in my culinary opinion) hard boiled eggs.  And thus, the perfect egg and tuna salad sandwich.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Not really. 
Gender: 2 more weeks until we find out!  I'm just now starting to get more and more excited/anxious to find out.  I don't really care if it's a boy or a girl though both The Pilot and I are leaning towards girl simply because we have a girl name picked out already (sorry people, we aren't sharing!).  The other night I had a dream and the baby was a girl...for what that's worth!
Looking forward to:  Finishing up the nursery.  We've made progress and while it's mostly neutral, I'm waiting to accessorize until we find out if it is a boy or a girl.
What I'm NOT looking forward to:  I'll say it again, more back pain.  Sigh.
Milestones:  Baby is the size of a sweet potato this week.  I do love sweet potatoes.


  1. You look completely adorable :) Just so darn cute!

    Congrats on getting lots of exercise. That's great. It will make you feel better to stay active through the pregnancy, or so I've heard. I guess someone who's never been pregnant really shouldn't give advice.

  2. Try a pregnancy belt. I had horrible back pain,and had to use one and it worked wonders! My pain was so severe I'd be in tears by mid morning everyday. I got just a cheap one with no extra strap, for 5 at a local resale shop amd lived in it after that. It was so worth it!