Thursday, March 14, 2013

Week 17

Week 17

How Far Along? 17 weeks (though because this post is a few days late, I'm nearly 18 weeks.  My photo editor was gone on a 4-day trip.)
Maternity Clothes: Still squeezing into a few tops and have had to wear some pre-preggy pants just because I haven't had time to hem the new pants I bought for work.  Can I just throw out there that it's a pain in the a$$ being 5'3"...not quite petite but not exactly regular.  Don't even get me started why women only have 3 lengths to fit into when dudes get exact in-seams.   Moving on...
Have you started to show yet?  I was in our headquarters the other day (I work in a satellite office) and they all seemed to notice.  There were a few "wow, you've popped already."  Not sure if that should make me feel bad about myself or happy because I look pregnant and not fat.  I think it was the "already" thrown in at the end that made me blink.  I'll go with indifferent as I'm still adjusting to my new shape.
Symptoms: Heart burn the second I look at my bed.  And the lower back pain is constant now.  I'm hoping the doctor might say something amazing like, I'm writing you a prescription for a weekly massage...and that she requires it be done during the work day.  I kid....kind of.  Also, hunger and dizziness appeared this week.  I've noticed I'm a lot more hungry and more often lately.  I guess this is due to a growth spurt the little human is going through.  I've also noticed that I can't just pop up out of bed or a chair...or even from stooping down without getting dizzy when I stand up.  It passes quickly as long as I just stand still.  I think that's just something I need to get used to.  I'm still used to jumping up and rushing around.  I just can't do that anymore. 
Activity: The prenatal Pilates and yoga videos I mentioned earlier this week.  There just wasn't time over the weekend to get in a walk/run.  And yes, that makes me very sad and I need to make that weekend walk a higher priority.  I'll blame The Pilot's crew scheduling.  He got a crappy schedule this month and it's really putting a damper on my style.  ;)  I did however meet up with my friend Lisa for a cold 4-miler (more on that in another post).
Best moment this week?  To be honest, it hasn't really been a fun week.  I've been stressed at work so I'm tired and cranky.  My back hurts all the time and I'm still feeling really awkward clothing wise.  I've even noticed I'm starting to get a little more clumsy that usual.  I try to keep my eye on the prize but I won't lie, there are days when this is nothing but hard work, yo!
Miss anything? Standing up out of a chair like a normal person.  After I've been sitting (or laying down), my back hurts sooo bad. 
Movement: I haven't felt much really but the other day at work I wondered to myself why my stomach seemed rumbly...then it occurred to me that it was probably the baby rolling around.  I sometimes forget that I'm not alone anymore.
Food cravings:  Nothing too strong...probably because I've been busy stuffing my face with Girl Scout cookies.  Damn those girls and their cookies!  The Pilot nearly got punched in the face when he started to point out how many calories are in a box of Somaos.  He quickly realized his mistake and backed away slowly from MY cookies.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing this week really.  Though I'm still trying to work on snacking more often so I can avoid heartburn.
Gender: We should know in just a couple weeks!!
Looking forward to: Still anxious for The Pilot to be able to feel the baby move.
What I am NOT looking forward to: More back pain.
Milestones: I'm now harboring something the size of an onion in my abdomen.  I wonder if that's why I was so sensitive to the smell of onion recently? ;)  Also, the baby's bones are starting to harden and all of the joints are now fully functional.  It seems like it was just a couple weeks ago that it still looked like an alien.  These changes happen so fast!  Crazy town.

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  1. I haven't been keeping up with blogs very well since January. Of course I missed that you're pregnant... congratulations!

    Ugh, why are Girl Scout cookies so darn delicious?! Good to hear your husband was smart enough to step away from the box of cookies. :)