Monday, May 20, 2013

An active weekend

Finally...I can actually blog about some kind of physical activity instead of just my random musings about the parasite growing inside me!  ;)

On Saturday I joined up with the marathon training group I've recently started volunteering for (We're raising money for our awesome local Ronald McDonald House) and got in a really decent 3 miler.  The Pilot was home sleeping off a 4-day trip that consisted of all late nights while I hit the trail with some friends.  The great conversation kept my mind off my loose joints and while I was exhausted and only thinking about doing 2 miles, 3 miles later I was still feeling good.  There was even a 15-something mile in there.  The best part of the entire thing?  I didn't have to pee the entire time so I wasn't uncomfortable!  Score!  Thank you, baby for cooperating!  Only downside was that it rained for a little while during the walk.  It did help keep it cooler but I really dislike being out in the rain.  It was still pretty warm and I noticed that even about 20 minutes after finishing, my face was still pretty flushed.  I think I'm going to have to pay extra attention to heat this summer.  I've never tolerated it well but now that I'm growing another human, I feel like my core temperature has just gone up.

And then there was Sunday.  Which will require a whole post on it's own.  So much fun.  One of my fellow coaches and friends ran his 100th marathon.  ONE HUNDRED!  It was so exciting to be able to be there for him to celebrate and cheer.  I will say though that I think that might have been my one last "bigger" adventures before baby.  It was a long, exhausting and hot day.  I was definitely feeling the effects during the 2.5 hour drive home...and today as my joints are still a little angry.  I'm sure we put in somewhere between 4 and 5 miles throughout our spectating adventure.  That doesn't count the standing around on the side of the course.  Don't worry Pilot, mom and Pilot mama,  there was also lots of sitting in the shade too (including under an umbrella which I'm SO glad that my friend Lisa reminded me to bring) and lots of water drinking but after 6 hours outside, I was spent!

 Super Spectating Crew! And yes, we are holding sticks with our friend's face on them.  Jim on a stick.  He's a celebrity for sure.

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