Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Week 27

Week 27
This is what a 6-months pregnant lady looks like after walking 3-miles in the rain...yikes!

How far along? 27 weeks
Maternity clothes?  Since I finally got in a real, sweat-inducing workout over the weekend, let's chat about maternity workout gear.  So that's even harder to find than non-striped maternity shirts that are comfortable and don't look like a mumu.  Up until now, I've been wearing my regular gear that was always a little roomy with the addition of two t-shirts that were a size or two larger than what I normally wear.  But now those aren't working out anymore.  They aren't long enough and leave some of the baby bump peaking out.  No one needs to see that.  I sucked it up and spent a little extra dough on a pair of maternity workout capris that have worked wonders.  They are super comfy...though they are getting a little more snug these days.  I also bought a maternity workout top from the same company ).
 A little cheesy, but it's soft, comfy, moisture wicking and still fits.  Those are my only criteria at this time.  I bought a pair of running shorts in a size larger but I discovered over the weekend that my pre-preggy running shorts still fit under the belly.  This is the reason I need a longer shirt though.  I might need to find at least one more top to get me through the end of the summer.  Any suggestions, ladies?  The sports bras are a whole other challenge.  I have one that is the same style I normally wear, just a few sizes up.  I really could use another comfy one but still haven't found one fits and doesn't break the bank.
Have you started to show?  I think that's obvious.  I haven't been able to wear my wedding rings since Sunday.  :(  On Monday I thought my fingers were still swollen from all the heat on Sunday but I tried again Tuesday and they were just too tight.    I'm a little self-conscious about not wearing my rings.  Even though I never workout with my rings on, I feel weird being out and about and pregnant without "proof" that I'm married.  While I don't particularly care what order other people do the whole marriage/kids thing (that's their own business!), it weirds me out a little.  Call me old school. Luckily I have a diamond ring I used to wear on my right hand before The Pilot made an honest woman out of me and it seems to fit my left hand ok for now.
Symptoms:  Not much new this week though I am really losing the ability to roll over in bed.  I don't understand why it's so difficult but it is.  And that makes me sad because I actually wake up in order to roll over.  It's quite the production to roll...which has to happen a lot because my hips start to ache after I lay on one for too long.   I'm also fairly certain that the random "tightness" I get in my belly from time to time really are Braxton-Hicks contractions.  They aren't painful but they certainly aren't comfortable, that's for sure. 
Activity: Yeay for last weekend!  I also pulled weeds and planted a couple flowers last week.  Naturally my back had a fit about that but I'm going to call that activity.
Best moment this week:  My new favorite thing...sitting on the couch with The Pilot after dinner and watching "the show."  Also known as the little man doing cartwheels.  After dinner is probably the most active time that I've noticed and not only are the movements strong but they are very visible.  And yes, I am still cracking up each time.  It's sort of hard for The Pilot to feel for the movements when I get the giggles.  Something else that happens belly shakes when I laugh.  Who else is picturing The Night Before Christmas and how Santa's belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly?
Miss anything?  Not really.  I get random urges to ride my bike.  And of course spectating a marathon over the weekend made me miss the aspects of training and working towards that goal.  I quickly reminded myself that I have another pretty important goal that I'm working on right now.
Movement: See "best moment this week" above. :)
Food cravings:  Only one pound of strawberries this week....and that's just because there was nearly a whole carton that was a fail.  Mold. :(  My "need" for chocolate seems to have increased this week.  I try to keep that one at bay though.  I've also had an awful lot of fruit popsicles lately (actually made with real fruit).  They have magical powers to cool me off.  So does cranking the AC and putting my feet on one of the air vents.  I got that tip from the cat.  She loves the AC and often hangs out near the vent...

Gender: I had another realization this week.  Because he's a boy, he'll probably be more likely to play with Legos and Lincoln Logs.  While I'm obviously a girl, I have an older brother so I grew up playing with these toys.  And still enjoy both.  :)  Heck yeah for building entire villages with Lego buildings, Lincoln Logs houses and Matchbox cars driving around on "roads" made from blocks my dad made from his scrap wood pile.  Sorry, Megatron, your mom and dad might be playing with your toys more than you do.
Looking forward to:  Playing with the baby's toys?  ;)  My baby showers are getting closer and I can't wait to see my friends and family!
Not looking forward to: The summer heat.  My brother already told me to stop complaining because this is nothing compared to what early August is going to feel like.  Ever the optimist, that one. :P
Milestones:  I recently read that baby is practicing breathing now. Inhaling and exhaling...amniotic fluid.  Crazy!  He's also up to 2.5 pounds and 14 inches long.

And just in case you wanted to know who the photographer is each week....
OK, not really but this week she was sitting at the base of the tripod, facing where I was standing as if she was The Pilot's photography assistant.  Obviously we don't have kids yet because we are still taking cat pictures...

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