Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Week 26

 Week 26
Not sure what's going on with my hair... :P

How far along? 26 weeks
Maternity Clothes?  Yup...and I've had the recent challenge of figuring out what size in non-maternity t-shirts to request.  Twice in the last couple weeks I've needed to provide shirt sizes for organizations I'm involved in.  With unisex sizing, I opted for XL when normally I'm a medium.  I'm swimming in them with the exception of the belly.  They seem to fit there!

Bonus is that I went to the doctor today and I still haven't gained too much weight.  I've been on the low end of the "normal" range.  Though if I could get away with not gaining much more than another 10 pounds, I'd be good.  Not sure if that's even possible with baby about to do some serious growing but we'll see.  Again, I'm not too focused on the number as long at the doctor is still ok with it and everything else is looking good (Blood pressure still chilling in the normal range!). 
Have you started to show? That ain't a beach ball under my shirt!
Symptoms:  The heartburn took a turn for the worse this week.  It used to only be when I laid down but now it's constant.  At the last visit, the doctor told me to increase the OTC meds but this week that didn't seem to take the edge off.  It's made it hard to fall asleep so today she gave me the good stuff.  She wrote a prescription though I'm a little iffy about taking it.  The warnings on the label are a little disturbing. :(   Has anyone else taken protonix while prego?
Activity:  It was another off week because I was busy, exhausted and all kinds of uncomfortable.  I did participate in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life over the weekend and got in lots of walking.  I was on the planning committee so I didn't do too many laps around the track but it was still a lot of time on my feet and buzzing around.  And of course I paid the price for the 2 days after.  :(  Horrible back pain and crazy exhaustion.  It was worth it though.  Our team raised close to $2000 and the entire event has raised over $100,000!  Take that, cancer!

Best moment this week:  Little man is kicking up a storm!  And not only can I feel it inside and out but it's very visible as well.  Sitting on the couch after dinner is a fun activity now because he's usually going nuts.  And as a result, I start laughing.  Every.single.time.  I'm not kidding, when I see something poke out of my belly, I crack up.  It may be nervous laughter but my laughing then amuses The Pilot who starts laughing at me.  It was a vicious cycle the other night.
Miss anything?  Still missing being on my road bike.  Also, there have been lots of races happening that last two weekends and it makes me a little sad that I wasn't participating.  I probably could have done the shorter races but my schedule wouldn't allow it.  I still miss it though.
Movement: See "best moment this week".  The doctor said that I might not notice it every day but starting next month, she'll have me start monitoring daily.  I would say for the most part though I am feeling him move every day.  He still likes meal time and car rides....maybe I'm having a puppy instead of a baby.
Food cravings: 
I had backed off just a little on the strawberries...until this happened.  

A STRAWBERRY SALE?!  Yes, I'm yelling.
Two cartons are in the fridge just waiting to be devoured. 
Thank you, Giant Eagle.  I may name the baby after you...not really.

Gender:  A little man.  :)  While I've been a little apprehensive about raising a boy (since, you know, I'm not a boy), I've got some great resources to turn to.  Two of my best friends had boys first and another bestie had a boy just last month.  I know I'll be turning to them A LOT!  Also, I'm super excited for our little guy to be friends with my BFF's little boy since they are going to be so close in age.  Never mind the fact that we live a couple states apart.
Looking forward to: We have a follow up ultrasound next month so I'm excited to see the little guy again.  The doctor wasn't able to get a clear shot of his face at the last ultrasound so she wanted to check that out but she's also going to check his size again.  He was measuring big at the last ultrasound.  Let's hope he's leveled off some and he's not some monster baby that I'll have to somehow push out.

Not looking forward to:  All last week was pretty uncomfortable.  I think baby had a growth spurt and my body was adapting to the new...shape??  I'm feeling a little better this week but I have a feeling some uncomfortable weeks are ahead as I get larger and it gets more difficult to do every day tasks.  I'm already having trouble getting stuff in an out of the washer and dryer.  Didn't see that coming!
Milestones:  I had my glucose test yesterday (and all came back normal).  I had to drink 10 ounces of glucola which I would say is like drinking snow cone syrup.  It went down ok but I certainly didn't feel well for a couple hours after as all that sugar ran its course.  The glucose test means that the 3rd trimester is just around the corner.  Even the doctor commented how fast it seems my pregnancy is going.  We'll see if I'm saying that in the heat of the summer and I feel like I'm going to be pregnant forever. ;)  I'm doing my best to enjoy it all while it lasts because I know he'll be here before we know it!  I commented to The Pilot over the weekend that I wonder if we will miss how quiet our house is now.  The house is so much quieter than the condo (due to the awful neighbors) we were in previously and I love it.  Part of me wonders though if I'll enjoy having more "noise" once little guy is here....or if I'll be longing for quiet.  I'm sure I'll go back and forth.

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