Sunday, July 7, 2013

Crazy Dreams/Nightmares

They say pregnancy can make women have some crazy dreams/nightmares and that's a symptom I have not escaped.  In the 1st trimester, it was mostly nightmares.  Like the kind that you can't seem to wake yourself up from and then when you finally do, you aren't sure if the nightmare was real.  There were several nights I woke up from a nightmare and reached for The Pilot to make sure I was back in reality.  Of course he wasn't always there which was distressing.

The second trimester was pretty quiet in terms of weird dreams and nightmares but now as I get closer to the end of the third trimester, the crazy dreams have started.  Luckily these are more weird than disturbing.  Well....I would consider this one disturbing but I didn't wake up confused and out of touch with reality.

I was going about my business when I realized the world had been taken over by zombies.  This is even more strange because the whole zombie craze is lost on me.  I hate those kinds of movies.  Anyways, I was running from zombies when I came across a survivor who was also running and needed my help.  It was Justin Bieber.  This is the distubring part.  I really don't like that punk.  I should have let the zombies eat him.  Being the nice person that I am though,  I kept trying to help him but as we were running he kept falling down and asking me to carry him.  You little weenie.

I then realized that gravity was "working in reverse" (WTF?) and I kept telling him that we could "skydive" if we just jumped high enough in the air and then the wind would carry us away to safety.  Except he couldn't jump because he hurt his ankle when he kept falling down.  Probably because his pants were sagging to his knees and he was wearing sneakers that weren't tied.  Again, what a punk.

And then I woke up.

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