Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Swimming....or floating

I stuffed the baby belly into a swim suit last night and went swimming!  Now it wasn't exactly swimming laps and my heart rate wasn't up so I wouldn't necessarily call it a workout.  But, I was using all my limbs and I wasn't sitting on the couch eating Pop Tarts (like I kind of wanted to do) so I would call it a success.

My friend Lisa joined me over at my parents' house (it's their pool).  While I was jealous of the fact that she RAN to my parents' house while I had to drive (I only live about 3 miles from my parents and Lisa is just over 2 miles door to door), it was nice to catch up with her.  We floated around in the pool for about 40 minutes while chatting.  The sun was already low so the pool was shaded (yeay for this pale girl!) and the water was warm.  It was like sitting in a bathtub that I actually fit in. :)  It was WONDERFUL to feel weightless for a little while.  It took the pressure of all my achy joints.  Plus, baby boy must have enjoyed it too because either he was asleep or just chilling.  Usually he has a dance party on my internal organs all evening but for the short time in the pool, he was still.  Such a relief for me!

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