Thursday, December 8, 2011

Devil Cats

When we were away last weekend, my parents fed our cats for us. Now these cats love to eat. They NEVER leave any food in their bowls after a meal. But when we got home from our trip, both cats had food in their bowls. I double checked with my parents that they didn't overfeed them. They didn't. That's when The Pilot and I got nervous. We thought they had gotten into something they shouldn't and were sick. The Pilot went to the basement to um....check the litter boxes...but found another problem.

The bathroom door in the basement was open. We were sure we had closed it before we left. We are limited on storage and had just purchased a giant bag of cat food. The larger the bag, the cheaper it is. We hadn't dumped the food into the plastic bin in the kitchen yet so we were keeping the bag in the bathroom in the basement (we don't use it much) to keep the cats out of it. So when The Pilot found the bathroom door open, he looked inside and found this:
Those little punk cats had eaten a hole in the bag and been helping themselves to an all-you-can-eat buffet while we were gone.

Devil cats.