Monday, December 5, 2011


It was a sweatfest at the gym tonight. It felt warmer than usual when I first hopped on the treadmill and the sweating just keep increasing up until the last minute.

I did my usual 3 minute warm up and then set that sucker at race pace, 12:45. I ran a mile and took a 3 minute walk break. The shins were giving me a fit again. I can't seem to find any rhyme or reason it the shin pain. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it doesn't. Oh well. The walk break seemed to help so I inched up the pace to 12:30 and then 12:15 and hung out for at least two miles. I was feeling pretty good throughout as I made my way toward 5 miles.

I was trucking along when the darn treadmill started to time out on me. The treadmills at the gym do an automatic cool down once you get to 55 minutes. I didn't realize this though because I keep a towel over the display of the treadmill (or else I will agonize over how long it feels like I'm on the devil's machine) and missed the cool down message and all of the sudden the treadmill went from 12:45 to 15:00. I nearly did a face plant into the display. It started a 5 minute countdown and then I knew it would shutdown and I'd need to restart the machine. I figured if I just sped up, then I might make it to the 5 mile goal within one hour. I increased the pace to 11:45...and then 10:45. My lungs were on fire as the clock counted down. With only .15 to go, the treadmill shut off. Boo! I nearly fell again but quickly restarted so I could get in that last .15. I was a woman on a mission. I needed 5 miles and by gawd I was going to get to 5 miles.

So I wrapped up that 5 mile sweatfest in 1:01:45. Boom! That's well under race pace...but my towel usage was over the top. I literally had sweat dripping in my eyes for the last mile and it hurt so good. I ended up having a very appropriate shirt on as well....

Post sweatfest
"As long as you're sweating, you're still alive." Thank you, Nike, for being oh so philosophical.


  1. I have that same shirt :)

    Way to go getting your 5 miles in - in spite of the treadmill fiasco. I hate treadmills that do that!!

  2. Love me a good sweatfest... especially on the treadmill. With no wind, I always end up soaking through my shirt if I do more than 4 miles (especially at a decent pace). Way to go!

  3. 55 minutes? How annoying, they should at least give you the full hour before conking out on you.

    Nice workout and smile! You manage to make sweat look good, hehe.

  4. I would have died being on the dreadmill that long! You go Girl.........