Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Festivus

As The Pilot's birthday approached last year, I asked him what he wanted. His response was "Nothing, I don't need anything." I should have accepted the free pass but I'm a gift giver. I enjoy picking out gifts for other people. And I love birthdays. I think everyone should have a day to be celebrated! So I told him, that I was going to get him something. Realizing he wasn't going to win that battle, he made one request. He asked for a Festivus pole. I didn't exactly know what Festivus was at the time but I had heard of it and knew it was some kind of Seinfeld reference (I was one of the few people alive in the 90s that didn't like the show).

So The Pilot wanted a Festivus pole but he also had stipulations. While it was ok to spend money on the pole, it had to be purchased used. It couldn't be something purchased new in a store. I could find one, steal one or purchase a reused/recycled pole. What?? I was a little stumped but I did what any grown woman would do in a jam....I called my dad. I explained the parameters of the gift. He told me he'd call me back. Ten minutes later he called and said he had 2 options. Seriously? I stopped at my parents' house to see my options. That man had a aluminum fence post in his basement along with a steel rod from an old vaulted ceiling fan. Who has that stuff in their basement? My dad.

So for The Pilot's birthday last year, he received the Festivus Pole. I think the only day I've seen him happier was our wedding day...kidding. So I guess we are a Festivus celebrating family as this has now reappeared in the living room:
Yes, it's as tacky in real life as it is in bloggy pictures. It is tied to the basement stairs railing with some string.

I love me some Christmas though so it's a split household and the Christmas tree is also in the living room:
Still not sure if we will "celebrate" all of the Festivus activities such as the airing of grievances:
Frank Costanza: "And at the Festivus dinner, you gather your family around, and tell them all the ways they have disappointed you over the past year!"

Or the feats of strength where the head of the household selects one person and challenges that person to a wrestling match. The verdict is still out on who is actually the head of the household but considering there are only two of us, there's going to be a wrestling match somewhere in the living room between the Festivus pole and the Christmas tree. Once the head of the household (whomever that is!) is pinned to the ground, Festivus is officially over and we can move on to Christmas.

This is all totally normal, right?? Happy Festivus!

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