Friday, December 30, 2011

Sweatfest Parts 2 and 3

Earlier this month I had a complete sweatfest at the gym. And I just know you are dying to hear more about my sweat. Other bloggers dig sweat. Emily sweats once a day and Ali hearts sweat. Lots of other people must love sweat too because I tried to buy one of Ali's I Heart Sweat shirts and they were sold out! All of those people who bought a t-shirt would understand this post.

Last night after work I met up with Lisa for a 5 mile run. We did the same route we ran last week when I fell in a hole. Now that we knew where the hole was, we knew how to avoid it so all was good. When I was driving over to Lisa's, I noticed it was 46 degrees out. Woah. That's warmer than I thought. When I arrived, you would have thought neither of us had ever run before, let alone train in the winter. We were both unsure of what to wear and joked that we were probably overdressed. Understatement.

Sure enough, I was warm before we even finished our warm up walk. Then then about 100 feet into the run, I was sweating. At 1/2 mile, I was unzipping my coat. At 3/4 mile, my gloves came off. We both sweated our way through 5 miles. I think I was so overheated that I forgot how to operate my Garmin. It quit at about 2 miles but luckily Lisa's will still beeping along. We finished right around 1:04. Not too bad. Just shy of race pace but we had a couple crosswalks to navigate.

By the time we were done and I got home, I was literally a hot mess. My hair was soaked. The inside of my jacket was dripping! Ahhhhhh....sweatfest #1!

On to sweatfest #2. Tonight I hit the gym for a quick 4 miles on the evil treadmill. I am convinced that the gym had cranked up the heat when they saw me walk in the door. It felt like 80 when I walked in so you can imagine how it felt once I started running. Again, I did my warm up walk and then set that beast at 12:30. I'm going to nail this PR I tell you! I was sweating during the warm up walk so when I started to run, I was dripping.

To make it more gross, I forgot my own soft, fabric softener coated towel. The gym provides towels but they might as well be sheets of sandpaper. Ick. Sweating like a banshee though meant I had no choice, I needed a towel. I wiped the top layer of my skin off with the sandpaper in an attempt to keep sweat from dripping in my eyes.

I was sweating so much that I actually sweat right out of my bondi band. I have a large head. It's not an insecurity, it is a fact. My head is large. So the ONLY headbands that I have found that don't go flying off my head when I workout are the bondi bands. They are stretchy too so they don't squeeze my large head and give me a headache. During one of my sandpaper towel offs, I realized that my headband was no longer on my head. Son of a! I glanced back on the ground behind the treadmill and there it was. I have no idea when I lost it but unless my head is getting larger, I figure my head was just so sweaty that it slipped right off.

Four miles done in 51 minutes....exactly race pace. Watch out Disney World....this girl is going to PR and sweat all over your property. OK, that's gross....moving on.

This is one nasty post but being a sweat monster sure beats sitting on the couch turning into Cheeto-eating, Real Housewife-watching, bored out of my mind slug. Now if only my eyes would stop burning from all the sweat that has been dripping into them for the past 24 hours.

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  1. just bought some bondi bands! thanks for the recommendation. i can never find any that will stay in so i had given up.