Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pedometers and Creepy Advertisements

We are in Day 3 of the Walk for Health program at work. I work in another office so the majority of my co-workers are in a building about an hour away. If I was a fly on the wall in the main office though, I'm sure I would see lots of people obsessively checking their company issued pedometers and then cursing when the Made in China pedometers randomly reset or when the pedometers go flying off your pants because the clip isn't long enough. At least that's what's been happening in my office. Many of us have resorted to checking the display and jotting down the steps so you at least have some idea of the number of steps you have taken. Mine has only reset once so far today so I'm at approximately 812 steps. Check out some of the poorly translated instructions that came with the pedometer. Sorry it's kind of small and blurry but the instructions must have been made for a gnome....a very tiny gnome...who speaks Chinese that has been translated to English.

I won't lie, now that I'm writing down what I'm eating....and will be posting what I'm eating on this blog, I think twice before I eat. Do I really want to have to admit that I just ate TWO handfuls of jelly beans? So I only ate one handful instead....

So here's what went down yesterday:

7:15 am/standing in the kitchen: Light, Multi-Grain English Muffin with Olivio spread and a glass of grape juice.
10:00 am/at my desk: Special K Fruit Crisps (100 calories!)
12:00 pm/at my desk: Parmesan Risotto (again, organic and vegetarian) that The Pilot so thoughtfully made for me before he went out of town. I also had about a cup and a half of strawberries and some water....oh, and a mini Milky Way. Blame the Easter bunny again. At least it was a bite-size mini and not a "fun size" or a whole candy bar!
3:00 pm/at my desk: YoCrunch yogurt (100 calories!)
5:50 pm/as I ran out the door for a TNT meeting: Handful of Starburst Jelly Beans. I would guess that there were probably 10 beans...
6:30 pm/restaurant: Four squares of cheese pizza (we like our square pizza here in Ohio) and about 4 cups of salad (greens, mozzarella cheese, green peppers, 1 ounce dressing). I would say the total pizza consumed was about 5 square inches.
9:00 pm/sitting on the couch: Reece's Peanut Butter Egg. I waited all day for this baby!

Team in Training is currently recruiting for the fall season so we have meetings most evenings for the next couple of weeks so my dinners are going to be a little haphazard. Last night happened to be in a local pizza joint. I did my best to fill up my plate with salad and have only a side of pizza. I know the salad dressing probably ruins the health factor but at least I ate more green stuff than the greasy, cheesy goodness.

Portions. I am admittedly pretty ignorant when it comes to portion sizes. I'm not sure what is considered a portion of many foods and I have no idea how much I am actually consuming (hello, 5 square inches of pizza??). So I'm trying to figure it out! I just realized that the containers I use to pack my lunch actually have the size printed on the bottom. Genius. That is helping me "eyeball" other foods.

This morning I was curious about how much grape juice I was really pouring into the juice glass. So I dumped it out of the glass into a measuring cup. 8 ounces. Wow. 8 ounces doesn't seem like all that much. I don't normally have grape juice. The only liquids consumed in our house are water and the occasional glass of white wine. The Pilot mixes it up with coffee and tea from time to time (I can't stand either. I like my liquids COLD!) Sometimes water just gets boring and I get a hankerin' for grape juice. I'm not sure why.

I try to pack my lunch at least 3-4 days each week. I succeed most weeks unless I have a crazy busy weekend and don't take the time to at least have a tentative lunch plan on Sunday and go to the store to make sure I'm prepared. That was last weekend....and sort of this past weekend. It stresses me out. Being wonderful and amazing, The Pilot took notice that I was stressed out about meal planning. He also jumped on board when I told him I was going to start writing down and blogging about my food. He was home on Monday and he took the time to make the parmesan risotto for me. He even cut the pineapple that we bought on Saturday. Yes, I am perfectly capable of both but I've been pretty overwhelmed by multiple other things that I haven't had much free time. And I really don't want to spend my free moments in the kitchen. In addition to helping me prepare lunch food, The Pilot added his own touch to a random advertisement he received. I found this in my lunch bag when I was packing my lunch yesterday morning:

It's a good thing I understand The Pilot's strange sense of humor
or this would be incredibly creepy.


  1. Locking your hair up:

    Get someone to put it into two french braids. That worked very well when I was doing tris, because it fit well under both a swim cap and a helmet with no weird bulges, but still looked cute.

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