Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Workout Part 1

Finally! I dragged my tired a$$ to the pool this morning for the tri team's group 6 am. Ugh. I am NOT a morning person. If I wasn't so slow and didn't take all day to finish a race, I'd want all races to start after 10 am. Anyhooooo....

I got in 1450 yards in about an hour. That includes me resting between drills. And stopping to catch my breath. And stopping because I felt like I was going to black out. And stopping to whine to anyone who happened to be resting at the end of the lane as the same time as me (Sorry team, I'm a whiner.)

The distance was broken out into a couple different drills but it was the last one that was just insulting. After swimming 1100 yards, we had one last drill. Swim easy to the end of the lane, do push-ups off the edge of the pool (legs in the water), sprint back to the other end of the pool, swim easy back again and then do pull-ups off the starting block (legs still in the water) and then repeat.three.times. The coach hates us. :)

After 150 yards, I didn't have another sprint in me so I just went my own pace. And I can't do a real push-up on dry land so I certainly couldn't do it off the side of a pool! I was able to do one complete push-up on my first trip down the lane but after that, I got about half way down before just falling into the water. The coach gave us a great tip though. Don't smash your chin on the side of the pool on the way down. Thanks. He must not hate us after all. :)

I can't do a pull-up on dry land either but with most of my body still in the water, I was able to pull myself out. I could make it to 5 pull-ups before my arms started to shake and I felt dangerously close to smashing my chin on the side of the pool. My parents spent a lot of money getting my teeth straight when I was 13 so I'm not about to lose any teeth during triathlon training.

All of that activity has left me feeling like one of these guys though:

Hopefully I can make some smart food choices throughout the rest of the day so I can fuel up for the Thursday Workout Part 2 but not cancel out all of the calories I burned this morning.

How do you refuel after a crazy hard workout?

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