Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Workout Part 2

Team in Training's Spring and Summer marathon teams met tonight for a group training so even though I swam this morning with my TNT triathlon team, I decided to make an appearance with the marathoners in the evening. The weather was cool but the sun was out so it was perfect for a walk/run and we had a great turnout.

This is time of the season is one of my favorite parts of coaching. I love seeing how far people have come. I met some of these people for the first time back in January and they had never walked or run a mile and now here they are, just days away from half and full marathons! But I also know what they are feeling. I remember my first races like they were yesterday. Even though I have more experience now, I still get crazy nervous before a race. So I like to do what I can to help calm the anxiety.

Knowing that I need to be running more, I started out with the runners since the wonderful walk trainer, Marcia was there to lead the walkers. And like on Tuesday, I can keep up for a little while until they all get their rhythm and pull away. I'm used to hanging in the back so that doesn't bother me much.

I was able to run for about 1.25 mi again but my shins started to scream at me. I started too fast. Dang. I stretched them out and walked for a little while when two of my fastest walkers started gaining on me. My shins were on fire so I opted to walk back with them. They are tapering so they didn't need to go very far so once the walkers were done, one of the alumni, Kim, and I headed back out for another mile. The runners were starting to head back in so it's always fun to cheer as we pass each other.

When we returned back to the trail head, some of the runners were waiting. No man left behind! They were waiting for the last couple of runners (and for Kim and I!). As each person finished, we all cheered. Even though it was a short walk/run, they always support each other! I'll also point out that this group of people (plus lots of others that aren't pictured) has helped raise more than $125,000 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. These people are getting us one dollar and one mile closer to a cure!

This is what I found as I finished up my 4 miles. I see spirit fingers, a peace sign, some bunny ears, a modified Captain Morgan pose (hello burning quads!)the infamous Jim Tucker looking like the Castaway and lots of smiles!

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