Saturday, April 16, 2011

That was hard!

So I finished the 30-day Challenge...but then fell off the blogger wagon. That challenge was a lot of work! I had to think. And dig up photos. That's a lot of effort. :) But I'm back!

When people first hear about The Pilot, the response varies but inevitably it turns to "that is so exciting, you must get to fly free everywhere." Technically this is true. The Pilot and I do get to fly for free. But in order to do that, there must be open seats on the airplane because we have to fly stand-by. With the economy in the crapper, they cut back on the number of flights. That means the remaining flights tend to be full.

We were supposed to go to Washington DC last weekend to visit this hot mama. We were going to leave late on Friday night and come home early Sunday morning. On Thursday afternoon, the Friday flight sold out. And then the return flight on Sunday only had a couple seats left. We thought about going Saturday morning but then there was a good chance we would get stuck in DC. And both The Pilot and I had to work on Monday. SO we decided not to go. I was so bummed out. I was really looking forward to the visit and meeting my girl's new baby! Yes, the life of a pilot and his fiance is SOO glamorous. Insert sarcasm.

The good thing about NOT going to DC though was that we had the whole weekend together. We went to my cousin's graduation party on Saturday but other than that, we didn't have any set plans.

The Pilot bought his first road bike a couple months ago but the weather has been pretty cold still so we hadn't actually been out yet. I was still riding in the basement on my trainer from time to time and then the spinning classes but I hadn't been outside yet. On Sunday we got our chance! Spring finally made its way to Ohio and it was a beautiful day.

We loaded up the bikes in the back of my car and headed out to the bike path. It was crazy busy with cyclists, runners and walkers but we managed. It was also the first time on my bike with my new pedals and shoes. Previously, I had been using a LOOK pedal and cleat system but I was always struggling to get out of my pedals. I started using a SPD shoe/cleat in spinning class and really liked it so I swapped out the LOOK pedals for these pedals. Technically it's a mountain bike pedal but I put the cleat on a road shoe. And I love them! I feel more confident in my ability to get out of my pedals quickly in the event I need to stop suddenly. Maybe I won't fall off my bike randomly while standing around.....

Crappy video from a crappy camera on the back of The Pilot's bike

It's a Honda Fit full of bikes!

His and Hers road bikes

Obviously we need to work on our self-portrait skills.

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