Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The Pilot and I went to my OB appointment on Monday for the official ultrasound.  I have to say, the best part of pregnancy so far is getting to see the little creature.  Seeing it move independent of me is the most bizarre, yet amazing thing I have ever experienced.

And we got something even better at this visit.  We got a much better view of the "goods."  While no percentages were thrown around, my doctor was pretty darn confident that....

It's A Boy!

And I'm feeling much more confident than I was with the 85% we got a couple weeks ago.  Mostly because I saw something.  We are either having a boy...or a girl with an extra extremity.  So now I can let myself get excited.  I can let myself plan a little more.  I felt like I've been in a holding pattern since that other ultrasound.  I didn't really have a preference on the gender but I did feel better when The Pilot put into words what I couldn't...  The part of us that wanted a girl is disappointed.  But the part of us that wanted a boy is so thrilled!

Now the pressure is on though.  We had a girl name pretty much picked out before we got married but for some reason, a boy name eludes us.  We have a couple at the top of the list that we keep coming back to but neither is jumping out more than the other.  Either way, we won't be sharing the name with anyone until his birthday.  And sorry folks but most likely, we will not be sharing the name on the blog.  For similar reasons why I don't use The Pilot's real name, we will be coming up with an internet alias.  The Pilot is still thinking Megatron is a good name.  We'll see about that.

For now though, we are super excited to think about a boy joining our family.  I've already tried to break it to our female cat that we are about to be outnumbered.  The males will have numbers but the females will always run the show. ;)

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