Friday, April 26, 2013

Week 23

Week 23

How far along? 23 weeks when the photo was taken...though technically today I am 24 weeks.  My photo editor was on a 4-day trip.  :)
Maternity clothes?  Oh yeah....and I'm already getting bored with my limited selections.  I only have a couple casual shirts and a couple work shirts.  I need choices!  My rational side is saying to make do but the bored part of me is saying to go shopping again.  Stay tuned for which side wins.
Have you started to show yet?  It's pretty darn obvious now that I didn't just gain weight.  Especially since the only place I appear larger is the belly and chest.  At least, this is what I'm telling myself.  I still have a waist (on the sides at least) and I haven't noticed anything else getting...ummm....larger.  If you know me and have noticed anything else getting larger, keep it to yourself.  ;)
Symptoms: Is losing the ability to tie my own shoes a symptom?  'Cause that's slowly becoming a reality.  While I can kinda sorta still bend over at the waist, it's not comfortable and I can't breathe while doing so.  It reminds me of being a kid and making my mom time how long I could hold my breath under water.  Hey mom, want to come over and time me to see if I can hold my breath while trying to tie my shoes?  (She's also a nurse so if I pass out I'll be in good hands.  No worries.)  It's a good thing the prenatal yoga I've been doing sporadically has some good squatting exercises because that might be the only way I'll be able to wear shoes with laces.
Activity:  I was chilling with the swan over the weekend and there was more prenatal yoga.  I would love to be getting in more workouts each week but I'm in my busy time at work so it's a challenge.  I hope that by early May I can at least get in 3 days a week of some kind of activity (or I'm going to start counting laundry because of the multiple trips up and down the stairs).
Best moment this week:  I *think* I felt the little man move...from the outside.  He was moving around so I grabbed my belly and sure enough, I felt something.  I'm pretty certain I didn't twitch and I wasn't feeling my own pulse.  I think. 

Also, The Pilot and I scored big time over the weekend with nursery decor.  Once it's all done I'll definitely post pictures.  All I'll say now is that I really hope this kid is born with a sense of humor because with parents like us, he's going to need it!
Miss anything?  I'm still missing my bike.  The weather keeps getting nicer and the cyclists are hitting the roads.  Other than that though, I'm good. 
Movement:  I have to say, this is becoming my favorite part of pregnancy (after seeing the ultrasounds).  It's still the most bizarre thing I've ever experienced but something about that movement that is a reminder of what's going on.  He is most active right after I've eaten and for some reason, during my commute home from work.  I'm not sure if its the vibration of the car that wakes him up or maybe he doesn't like that I serenade him with not-baby-appropriate music and he keeps punching me in the bladder to get me to stop.

Food cravings:  Not as many strawberries this week...I haven't been to the grocery.  Boo.  I did have some at my parents' house the other night and they were glorious!

But then this just happened at lunch least I added a few other fruits for variety.

Gender:  Still trying it out by calling the baby "him" or "he" instead of "it" or "alien."  :)
Looking forward to:  We hope to put some of the final decorations up in the nursery this weekend.  I also just got the invite to a baby shower....honoring me!  :)

What I'm not looking forward to:  The doctor said I should be drinking 150 ounces of water every day.  Say what?!  I'm no where near that and I'm still peeing all the darn time.  I'm working on it but there are times when I feel like I'm floating and just give up.  I've always been a water drinker but some days I get bored.  Having juice or a Vitamin Water is nearly as good as dessert some days! 
Milestones:  Megatron is the size of a grapefruit this least I am familiar with that fruit!  Also, I read to the little guy for the first time.  A dear friend sent me a copy of this book.  All the pregnancy books say its a good idea to start reading/talking to the baby and that babies will recognize their parents' voices right at birth but honestly, I just felt a little silly.  Basically I was just reading Dr. Seuss to myself.  It also brought up a repressed emotion for me.  I forgot how much I dislike reading out loud.  Even though I love to read, I have always hated having to read out loud in school.  For some reason my brain reads faster than my mouth can keep up.  Hopefully this kid doesn't mind!  Or maybe I should just keep practicing...or try something other than Dr. Seuss and his crazy made-up words.

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  1. Looking good! I had trouble drinking enough water too and was sooooooooo bored with drink choices by the end of pregnancy. I couldn't drink citrus because it aggravated my heart burn, didn't drink caffeine, and obviously no alcohol, so I felt like options were limited. Cream soda was one of my treats :)