Monday, April 15, 2013

Water Works

I didn't get out on the trails this weekend (baby was saying sleep know, because 7:30 am is sleeping in now) but I did get a good workout in!

Lisa and I met up at the local pool for a great 45 minute swim late Sunday morning.  I was looking forward to feeling weightless for awhile, especially since right now on land, I'm feeling anything but weightless.  I've been reading up on ways to relieve pregnancy back pain and all the books talk about the magical powers of water and swimming.  I've always loved swimming (except when my coach was making me do puke-inducing sprints during the tri season) so it was just a matter of finding time when the pool had open lanes (darn those local swim teams for hogging the pool). 

I haven't swam (swum?) laps since last summer right before the triathlon so I was a little nervous about how I'd do after such a long swim hiatus.  Luckily I eased right back into it.  Right away I was able to swim a couple laps freestyle without too much trouble.  I was pretty confident that my arms and legs would remember, I just wasn't sure how my lungs would handle it since even going up and down stairs lately leaves me a little winded.  Amazingly though, I just cruised along. 

I did notice a bit of a hitch in my right shoulder though.  The books did note that the all of my joints are stretching in preparation for baby and to be careful not to overextend anything.  My shoulder only seemed to get cranky during freestyle so I just kept alternating between breast stroke, side stoke, freestyle and just kicking on my back.  Mixing it up gave the shoulder a rest.  One other benefit was stretching out my hips/back during the breast stroke.  And gliding along on my back while kicking only felt soooo relaxing. 

Hopefully I'll be able to fit in more pool time, especially as I grow more and more uncomfortable on land!

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