Thursday, April 18, 2013

Week 22

Week 22
How far along? 21 weeks
Maternity Clothes?  I mentioned I went swimming on Sunday.  While my normal lap swim suit doesn't fit, I did still have a tankini that I managed to squeeze into.  I have a long torso to begin with so one-piece suits are hard for me to find.  Even tankinis are too short sometimes so when I found a really long one right before our honeymoon last year,  I was super excited.  While not ideal to swim laps in, I was covered.  I think in another month though it will be too tight so I may try to buy just a maternity swim top since the bottoms still seem to fit. 
Have You started to show yet? 
Someone recently exclaimed "woah, you've really popped" while reaching toward my belly.  I kept walking to avert the belly rub.  WHY on earth would anyone touch someone else's stomach without permission??  A friend did ask to touch the belly, and I was ok with that, but not asking??  NOT ok! 

We were at the doctor recently and on the bright side, I'm only up 8 pounds.  So while I have days when I feel very large, I really haven't put on all that much weight.  Luckily baby was kind and "borrowed" some resources from the few extra pounds I was carrying pre-baby.  Let's hope it stays that way.  The doctor pointed out that the less I gain, the less I have to lose post-baby.  I'm not stressing over numbers and doing my best to "feed the beast" with as many healthy options as possible (but caving to the baby's NEED for cookies).  As long as the doctor is happy, baby and I are happy.
Only new thing new I've noticed is that sometimes the sides of my belly will get hard.  I was thinking it was possibly Braxton-Hicks contractions but the doctor said it was probably my round ligaments (part of the abs I guess) stretching.  Good to know.  It's still weird though!
Getting my swim on and then a short treadmill/yoga workout the other night.
Best moments this week: 
Hands down, the ultrasound.  And also hearing from the doctor that I can take more heart burn medication as needed.  Don't knock the little things!
Miss anything? 
Nothing that I noticed this week.  Maybe I'm slowly adapting to this parasite that has taken over my body. ;)  I think another member of our household misses something though.  One of our cats LOVES to knead.  She's long past the kitten stage but still loves to knead you...your belly, chest, leg...anything she can get to while you are sitting still.  And yes, sometimes we feel violated.  (Don't worry, she won't do it to a stranger so you don't have to be worried about getting molested by a cat at our house.) Anyways, she keeps trying to knead my growing belly.  I keep picturing the baby getting poked in the head by a cat paw and it kinda freaks me out.  Plus, the bigger the baby gets, the more tight my belly becomes (less squishy) and it's not comfortable to have a 10 pound cat poking me so I don't let her anymore.  She always looks so rejected when I push her away or try to redirect her to my leg.  It's still plenty squishy but she doesn't look quite as satisfied.
I've noticed he gets really active for about an hour after I eat and then he must take a little food nap.
Food cravings: 
Still downing the strawberries like its my job.  The Pilot got some strawberry plants from his dad and planted them in the backyard a couple weekends ago.  They cannot grow fast enough because at this rate, a obscenely high amount of our grocery budget is going towards cartons of strawberries.
Anything making you queasy or sick?
So we were at I'm saying 99% that it's a boy.   :) 
Looking forward to:
Still anxious for The Pilot to get to feel the crazy kicking, nudging, poking.  Also, putting the finishing touches on the nursery.  Furniture is in (though not all assembled), walls are painted and the curtains are made (more on that craziness for another time) and are up on the windows.  We just have some DIY art projects to get started on.
What I'm not looking forward to:
I'm nervous that it's going to be a hot summer.  I've already noticed that I'm feeling a lot warmer than usual.  There have been several occasions when every one else in a room seems comfortable and I feel like it's stifling.  The Pilot and my dad installed ceiling fans in the master bedroom and the nursery over the last couple weeks and I'm so excited to have some airflow in both rooms!  Fingers crossed that it isn't as hot as it was last summer or I foresee being locked up in the house with an extra high electric bill as I sit on the air conditioning vents.
He's a boy...and he's the size of a papaya.  Again with the odd fruits.  I'm just thankful that I'm not yet to the pumpkins and watermelons.


  1. Congrats on a great ultrasound and joining team blue!

  2. You will LOVE the fans at night.