Monday, April 29, 2013

My boring workouts

Sorry folks, my workouts are not so exciting these days.  I'm not training for any long distances and given that I can't run/walk very far without having to pee, there isn't much opportunity for my many musings I have during a longer workout.  But in an effort for this to not turn into a pregnancy blog, here's the latest in the workouts.

Saturday was another group workout at a local running store.  I was planning to go and The Pilot agreed to tag along.  I was exhausted when I got up and really didn't want to go but The Pilot lured me out of bed with promises that I could sleep in on Sunday.  So I got up and we headed out the door.  

The only real goal was to run/walk/shuffle for as long as possible without peeing my pants.  For real.  Oh well, at least it was a goal.   We started running very slowly behind some of my crazy fast walker friends but my heart rate quickly went through the roof so we dropped to a walk.  We did a couple more bursts of running but right around 1.5 miles out, I knew I would need to go to the bathroom so we walked (Baby Boy must not like running and decides to put the smack down on my bladder...TMI??).  Not much further, I realized I probably shouldn't go all the way out (did I just type that?!?) to the 2 mile marker since there weren't any bathrooms along the route.  So we turned around.  I debated going into the hospital we walked past to use their restroom so I could walk a little further but by that point, my back was also starting to hurt.

And because there isn't much entertaining about a 3+ mile shuffle, we took this gem.

Is a pregnant lady out for a slow workout with a baby sitting on her bladder considered an emergency?  Probably not.

Sigh.  I keep telling myself that all that matters is that I'm still active.  Not as active as I had hoped to be but I'm still moving and I'll keep trying until the body and just say no more. 

Besides, any time I get to hang out with this guy is always a good thing.  It sure beats trying to catch up with each other while he's standing in a jetway and I'm yelling at my cell phone so he can hear me.

So there was that...and then there was a short prenatal yoga workout last night.  But I'm going to leave out all the details because I was probably doing all the moves wrong...especially since I had a cat who was trying to help.  And by help I mean shoving her tail in my face while I was attempting cat's pose.  Ironic much?

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  1. oh man...this is how I felt during my pregnancy! I had a 3 mile walking loop that had 4 bathrooms (thank God!) and I used when we walked. Hang in there!