Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 20

Week 20
Wrinkly shirt!  And see what I mean about being so tired last week?  I looked huge last week compared to this my opinion at least.

How Far Along? 20 weeks
Maternity Clothes:  Yup...though I had to wear a suit yesterday for work.  I'm not about to fork over $$ for a maternity suit so I wore black maternity pants, a maternity top and a pre-pregnancy black suit jacket.  It wouldn't button obviously, not even close.  It definitely fits weird at the top but I only have probably 2-3 more occasions when I have to wear a suit during this pregnancy so I'm sacrificing some style/fit/comfort and opting for more cash in my wallet.  I'm sure The Pilot is smiling where ever he is at the moment.
Have you started to show yet?  I think so!  I think I've encountered a few people that are probably wondering but don't want to ask.  And sometimes my social awkwardness kicks in and it feels weird to just blurt out, "I'm not getting fat, I'm pregnant!" so I don't say anything.
Symptoms:  Road rage is still an issue.  Actually, just rage in general.  Why are people so dumb??  I lost my mind at Target last night.  I was none to pleased with their lack of customer service.  And I let them know.  How dare they 1) have inaccurate inventory counts?  2) Not have the ability to actually put a product on hold after you have already been to 3 different stores? 3) Not sell the kitchen drawer pulls I wanted on the internet.  4)  Not be willing to ship from one store to another, especially after I had a fit about them making me drive to 2 different stores that said they had the product but in reality didn't.  First world/pregnant woman problems.
Activity:  Still working on this...I'll have another post soon on my new game plan spurred by yesterday's post.  I did part of a yoga video this week.  I visited 5 different Target stores in a 4-day period so that was some walking.  See rage above. 
Best moment this week: Lots of movement (see movement below) 
Miss anything? Breathing while bending over.  So it's getting harder in general to bend over at the waist (bend at the knees!) but I can still do it....but I cannot seem to breathe at the same time.  I'm guessing when I bend over, my lungs get squished by the baby stuff, making inhaling impossible.  Is that weird?  Maybe.  Not something I plan to ask the doctor though.  I don't want to be the crazy lady asking about every weird thing...because there are tons of really weird things about pregnancy.  That's what the girlfriends are for.  If they had a similar symptom, I totally feel validated.  Like totally. ;)
Movement:  The movement is pretty consistent now.  It still weirds me out.  :)  It's definitely like having an alien in your abdomen.  The baby is still small (abut 10 ounces) so it sort of feels like little pokes...and sometimes bubbles.  It's getting stronger though so I keep grabbing my gut thinking I'll be able to feel something on the outside but not yet.  The other day I swear the baby punched me in the bladder.  And yes, I damn near peed my pants.  I love it...and am weirded out by it at the same time. 
Food cravings:  I ate a pound of strawberries on Monday.  No joke.  Better than a pound of french fries I suppose.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope.  As long as I keep food in my stomach, I'm usually good.
Gender:  Just a couple more days!  The only thing keeping me from going totally bonkers with waiting is that one of my BFFs was overdue with her second baby and I had been anxiously waiting to hear any news.  She didn't know what she was having and it was driving me nuts because I couldn't wait to find out.  But the wait is over.  Her little boy arrived last night.  I nearly jumped out of my skin when I got the text message because I was almost asleep but that was SOOOO worth it!  Can't wait to see the little man!
Looking forward to: Obviously finding out the gender...and still getting excited for The Pilot to be able to feel the baby move.
What I'm NOT looking forward to: I've been reading pregnancy books and some of the symptoms coming my way do not sound pleasant.  I won't go into detail but mamas will know what I'm talking about.  There is some icky stuff ahead. :) 
Milestones:  I've reached the half-way point...give or take.  I think technically 40 weeks and a couple days is the true "full" term but really anytime after 36 weeks is still considered full term.  And probably the only people who know this are moms or medical professionals but have you ever done the math on 40 weeks?  That's about 10 months....not 9.  Tricked again!  So even though I'm 20 weeks pregnant, I'm only about 4.5 months along if I go by the 9 month theory and my due date.  Confused yet?  Yeah, I was at first and had to have my BFF explain it to me.


  1. Amber, I am a mom of 2 and I found your blog a while ago and I've been reading along ever since. :) Just wanted to post a quick comment to say that I am so excited for you! I love reading your running stuff cause that's what made me interested in your blog to begin with, but now that you're pregnant it's fun b/c you're bringing back a lot of memories I had when I was pregnant for the first time. None of my friends have kids (yet), so it's fun to follow someone else's pregnancy journey - even someone I only "know" through their blog. I quit running altogether while I was pregnant, I know it's fine to do and I've seen/read about plenty of moms who kept it up throughout, but it just wasn't for me. So props to you for at least attempting to continue being active while pregnant! Also, feeling movement never stopped weirding me out, even with my 2nd baby. On some level I had myself convinced that there had to be an alien in there, not a real baby lol. Congratulations to you & your husband!